Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fantastic Study Spots and Where to Find Them

Have you ever felt frustrated in finding an ideal study space?  Study spaces need not to be designated as one particularly; it depends on your preference and study requirements.  Before you seek out study spaces on campus, ask yourself some questions: Do you want to study individually or as part of a group?  Do you need access to campus computers with the appropriate software?  Do you want to pull an all-nighter?  Or do you just want to do some quick review?  In my experience, the University of Michigan has various study spaces that meet every need one may have. Let me introduce them to you!

Two of the most popular libraries on campus are Shapiro Library, located on central campus, and Engineering library, in the Duderstadt center on North campus.  Both libraries are available 24/7 during Fall and Winter semesters, and provide large tables for group discussion; quiet study areas; and easy access to a pervasive computing environment, special labs, and production studios.  In the 1st and 2nd floor of Shapiro and the 1st floor of the Duder, there are individual study rooms available for reservation.  Need some snacks or beverages to keep you awake while spending the night in the library trying to finish a project?  No problem, there are nice coffee shops like Bert’s Café (on the 1st floor of Shapiro library), and Mujo’s Café (on the 1st floor of the Duder), where you can grab a cup of coffee with a ready-to-go salad or a sandwich.

Near Shapiro, on the diag at the heart of central campus, Hatcher Graduate Library is open until 2am Monday through Friday during regular semesters.  It has a computing site located on the 2nd floor equipped with PCs and Macs for general use.  If you walk across the computing site, towards to the north side of Hatcher, there’s a connection gate to Shapiro library that closes at midnight.  And here comes one of my personal favorite spots on campus: on the 4th to 6th floor of Hatcher, there are carrels open for anyone's use without reservation.  If you are seeking a quiet and private study spot, make sure to check those out!

The Law Library is located within the Law Quadrangle on central campus.  Designed in the English Gothic style, it became one of the most recognizable buildings and a must-go place on campus.  I was surprised when I first heard that in Harry Potter movies, they were considering the Law Library when they searched for locations for the Great Hall theme.  I’m sure you won’t be so surprised anymore once you walk into it.  Over your head, there are vaulted ceilings with exquisite designs.  Look around you for the beautiful stained glass windows with seals that represent the most prestigious institution in the world.  Whatever you are planning to do, don’t you feel a little more motivated because of this place?  Before you visit, bear in mind that the Law Library is the only place that enforces the no-talking policy on campus, and food/beverages are not allowed in the reading room.

Last but not least, the Michigan Union also provides a quiet study room located in the first floor and a computing site with CAEN systems; even more, there’s a food court in the basement that will keep your energy up during a study session!  If you are looking for a computer lab, the Angell Hall computing site (or “fishbowl”) is the largest and busiest computing site on campus.  It contains a large number of individual workstations including CAEN computers for engineering students; you are also welcome to bring your own laptops to work on or collaborate with groups.  There are individual/group work areas with tables and soft seating available.

I hope now you have a clearer idea about how to find a study spot at U-M; however, there are still more places out there for you, so keep on searching!

Written by Nina He
International Center Summer Orientation Peer Advisor
Country of Origin: China
B.S Candidate in Data Science

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