Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Online Furniture Shopping

Happy first day of classes!! The International Center hopes that our students, new and returning, are having a great first day of their fall semester.  

While classes may just be getting started, some of you may still be trying to get settled in your residence hall or apartment.  Because we couldn’t accommodate everyone on our Bed, Bath and Beyond  and IKEA shopping trips, we wanted to share some alternative shopping options for students still looking to purchase furniture. Many of the sites listed below offer free shipping after a low price point, which means you can potentially have larger furniture items delivered directly to your door for free!

Some recommended online sites for furniture shopping are:

And, while orientation is over, don’t hesitate to reach out to the International Center with any other questions you might have while you are adjusting to your life at U-M, Ann Arbor, and the United States. We are always happy to answer your questions! Contact icenter@umich.edu if you need anything.