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Where to Get Your Bubble Tea in Ann Arbor

Welcome to Ann Arbor!

Ann Arbor is a highly inclusive and culturally diverse city where you can find not only an abundance of restaurants and stores, but also many milk tea shops that opened in recent years. If you like milk tea, there is always a choice to satisfy your taste and could let you enjoy 15 minutes of "Bubble tea time.”

If you live around Central Campus, or have chosen to take a course on Central Campus, then congratulations, you're surrounded by all kinds of bubble teas! There is a great selection of milk teas shops at Central Campus, as you can see from the map below.

Central Campus


A milk tea chain with branches in many cities in the U.S. It supports self-ordering, and drinks come out very quickly. The fruit teas and milk teas both taste great, and they often have new seasonal products. You can freely choose sweetness and icing levels. This store has plenty of seating, so if you're looking for a milk tea store to sit in and chat with friends, go there!

Wolverines’ recommendation:

Classic Pearl Milktea

Oolong milk tea

Strawberry fresh Milk with Pearl

Taro Ice Blended wIth Pudding

Strawberry, Ice blended with lychee Jelly & ICe Cream

Black tea with cream foam 


Chatime is also a chain of milk tea shops and a “can't go wrong” choice. Milk tea is more recommended than the fruit tea here, with a very strong tea flavor! The overall taste is rather sweet, but you can choose sweetness and icing level. (Not many seats in the shop)

Wolverines’ recommendation:

Roasted Milk Tea

Tea Ninja

The milk tea is more like powdered drinks, but the fruit tea series taste pretty nice, the flavor is very refreshing!

Wolverines recommendation:

Jasmine Honey Tea

Ding Tea

The overall taste of the drink is rather light, and the tea flavor is heavier than the milk. Flavored tea series drinks here are very refreshing, perfect for summer. Cream foam drinks are recommended as well. If you like refreshing tea drinks, Ding tea might be a good choice for you! (This store is often open during the holidays)

Wolverines recommendation:

Peach Oolong tea with crystal boba

Uni Tea

The decoration of the shop is very cute and picturesque. In Uni Tea, you can't choose the sweetness and ice level directly, but if you do have a preference, write them in the notes. This store uses great ingredients, fresh milk series are very rich and creamy, there are also ice cream and Taiyaki, a perfect place for those of you who like rich milk flavor. (Note that there are not many seats in the shop)

Wolverines recommendation:

Golden Swirl Cup (Sweet potato)

Taro Milk Tea

Thai Green Milk Tea

Ube Swirl Cup

Matcha Ooling Swirl


This shop is on S university Ave, about fifteen minutes walking distance from the other milk tea shops in Central Campus. Besides milk tea and fruit tea, this shop has many snack options. Takoyaki balls, fried tofu, fried ice cream, chicken wings, curry rice are all worth trying. If lucky, you can also find Lady M's cakes here! (No choice of sweet and icing level)


Just across the street from Sweeting and also has a great selection of snacks. Mochi waffles and egg puffs are very tasty. Milk tea is also powdered, but the overall taste is decent, and there are often promotions of $1.99 drinks!

North Campus:

North Campus does not have as many milk tea options as Central Campus, but it still has you covered!

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice

Very trustworthy chain bubble tea brand, tea tastes aromatic, milk is fresh. Every kind on the menu is good as long as you choose the sweetness and ice level that suits your taste. Location is pretty close to the north campus.

Wolverines recommendation:

Tropical Special

Iced coffee

Macha Macchiato

Moge Tea

My personal favorite milk tea shop! I highly recommend their Cheese Foam fruit tea slush. Each one is made with fresh fruit and you can see the making process directly through the glass. They often introduce new seasonal fruit products. I have tried the watermelon flavored cheese foam slush before, it was amazing and above expectations. The distance is a bit far, but they offer delivery service covering both North and Central Campus!

Wolverines recommendation:

Black Grape tea slush

Mango tea slush

Taro tofu pudding

Super fruit tea.

Written by Queeny Gao

Summer Orientation Peer Advisor

Graduate Student


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